Author: Nelson


Learning In A Digital World

If  you haven’t seen Alan November’s latest book called “Who Owns the Learning?”, you might want to give it a read, especially if you are new to learning with technology.  November, uses the analogy of the farm to highlight the need for and value of  engaging students in work with purpose that gives students responsibilities and a sense of accomplishment.

November describes various ‘jobs’ or roles for students in the Digital Learning Farm that gives students increased autonomy for their own learning, and encourages teachers to publish student to a global audience and create a culture of collaboration and contribution in the classroom.

As per November, his humor and story telling skills are found throughout the book.  There are excellent suggestions for lesson instructional design and links to examples of student and teacher work.

For teachers that want to transform their practice, classrooms and student learning, a good book that goes beyond the jargon of 21st century personalized learning.