Author: Scott


Access To Learning Resources?

ERAC produced a video that gives our vision of  best practices in helping educators and students find high quality learning resources and connect with each other for effective, compelling  learning.   If you haven’t already seen the video.

The BC Ministry has also produced a video on how technology is being used in independent schools. Near the end of this video,  the message from a couple of principals being interviewed is that its not just about the technology, but “continuing” to  use ” available tools” to make learning happen.

Access to quality resources is all  about the technology. It will take a great deal of effort and resources to support teachers in addressing  BC’s personalized learning agenda.

Creating a provincial wide digital resource or portal will need  not only increased bandwidth for schools but solutions on  how we can filter massive amounts of information and learning resources and provide contexts which  make these resources more useful. We’ll need to figure out how to  tie the learning resources to an individual learner, track his or her progress and measure the effectiveness of those learning resources.  We’ll need to figure out how to have authenticated single sign-ons to resources that districts  purchase.  BYOD may involve changes to districts’ technical infrastructures.  And we’ll need to make this all user friendly and reliable and the list goes on…