What is  ERAC4U?

To better support teachers using ERAC products that either their districts have purchased or are provided by ERAC, we’ve created an ERAC Commons group that will house access information, user tips and classroom resources.  Each month we will feature a  product that ERAC currently has an agreement with  and provide related links so that teachers can better understand the product, its curricular uses and information on how to access.


We often hear from our members that educators are often not aware of the products that their districts or independent schools have already purchased or are available as part of their ERAC memberships.  ERAC does promote these products in our newsletter, at PSA conferences and other educator events.  We hope this new initiative will also reach BC educators and help to create a community group.  As an ERAC commons member, you will be able to contribute to postings and share your expertise as well.


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